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A multi-faceted seaside getaway

Deauville has become a legendary destination, impossible to dissociate from its casinos, beachside cabins, horse racing and luxury hotels. For a peaceful stay in this splendid Norman setting, a hotel in Deauville with a swimming pool is a wise choice for enjoying this multi-faceted seaside getaway.

Deauville, the ultimate relaxation destination

A luxurious town on a human scale on the English Channel, Deauville is a seaside resort where life is good. Famous for its casinos and horse racing, enthusiasts from all over the world come here to enjoy themselves. Another reason why so many tourists flock to Deauville is that everything here is designed to provide a break from the daily grind. Starting with the setting. First of all, there's the sea, an essential ingredient for a successful holiday! And the beach at Deauville is an icon of Normandy, with its colourful parasols, art deco cabins and famous promenade: "Les Planches". Deauville is a popular destination for Parisians, who can escape the hustle and bustle of the capital in just 2 hours by train. But no matter where you're from, there's a common desire to get away from it all and enjoy a timeless interlude. Between beach restaurants, tennis matches, golf courses, casino nights and luxurious hotels, Deauville promises a refined and entertaining getaway.

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A hotel in Deauville with a heated swimming pool in the heart of the town

Deauville may be on the water, but the English Channel remains cool for most of the year. So, to make the most of this chic seaside destination, you need to find a hotel with aquatic facilities. The 4* hotel La CloserieThe hotel welcomes you all year round to its red brick building, typical of the region. It's a warm and elegant setting in which you'll be pampered by a whole team. This hotel in Deauville with swimming pool account 74 rooms ranging from studios to 5-room suites with adjoining rooms for couples or large families. Within its walls lies a well-kept treasure: a temple to well-being. You have at your disposal a heated swimming pool all year round, with a private Jacuzzi, hammam, sauna, personalised massages and a secret garden with deckchairs. This is a place entirely designed for relaxation: only the sound of the waterfall can be heard, the lighting is subdued and the water is heated to 27°C. For a moment of total relaxation, book a treatment in one of the hotel's solo or duo massage rooms. And if holidays are synonymous with effort, there's a free gym with an elliptical trainer, treadmill and indoor bike just waiting for you!

Deauville, jewel of the Côte Fleurie

Calvados is a department of Normandy, and Deauville is one of the region's most dynamic towns. To better understand its success, we need to go back in time... Deauville was born in 1860, when the trend was towards "sea bathing". The French aristocracy, and more particularly the Duke of Morny (Napoleon III's younger brother), fell under the spell of Trouville and decided to build a seaside resort in the neighbouring town. Following the fall of the Empire, the boom faded and was not revived until the first quarter of the 20th century, thanks in particular to the very famous Coco Chanel. A visionary who fell in love with the place, she opened boutiques there, attracting the whole of Paris on holiday. As the town was frequented by wealthy personalities, casinos, horse races and palaces soon began to appear. Even today, Deauville retains the soul of a bygone era, much to the delight of its visitors. In this setting, the Closerie, this hotel in Deauville with swimming pool The hotel's heated swimming pool is the ideal setting for enjoying a few days in this little paradise. Don't hesitate to visit the hotel reception desk to organise your stay in this unique city, rich in history and culture. activities.

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